What's Inside:


Simple posting interface:






Named, dated, time-stamped, permanent, chronological display




Either parent, at anytime, can save or print the log in non-editable PDF format to show every post, photo,document, and upload.  






No other service provides such permanency, privacy and security. Neither Email's, text messages, chat services, nor social networks enable permanent "for-the-record" communication with your ex.Make it easy to immediately retrieve and print the history of all your conversations. No piecing together texts, emails, social media posts, verbal agreements.  The complete conversations include all documents and photos.


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Client Testimonials

Shortly after our divorce, my ex-wife moved, changed doctors, and would not provide a phone number. Our Child Info has been a great tool to help me keep track of all requests. And now, if she wants to avoid communication, that lack of a response is also tracked. This site has been so helpful in enforcing my basic rights to my son.

- S. Downs

My ex and I do not get along and services encouraging "co-parenting" are useless. This site saves all information provided and questions asked. Since my ex cannot delete or backdate responses or requests, this site has become very helpful for me prove that history.

- H. Casey

Using this site to clarify sports schedules has been very helpful. Practices and games get scheduled and cancelled so often that my son ended up missing many of them. I'd get blamed and trying to piece together text messages was not happening.

- C. Curry

Online program helps divorced parents with communication. OCI eliminates confusion, ignored questions, and unpleasant exchanges between parents.

- Cover Story, Sentinel News, July 2017

The site saves a record of everything communicated, eliminating he-said, she-said disputes.

- Illinois Bar Journal August 2018

[OurChildInfo] claim[s] further uniqueness in that a parent can’t delete, back date or alter data and can print out a log file with date and time stamped log file.

- Texas Bar Blog March 2019

This website was a potential solution to a daily problem plaguing my clients going through divorce and custody battles!

- Oklahoma College of Law March 2019