This matter comes before the court on parenting issues. This Court finds that permanent, date-stamped, non-deletable, and verifiable communication is necessary between the parties. Consistent with parental communication and notice obligations that each party has to the other, both are required to exchange notice of matters related to education, health, religion, and extra-curricular. These include, but are not limited to events, appointments, expenses, and milestones in the child(ren)’s lives. The goal is to ensure effective communication between the parties and make any future litigation more efficient.


This Court ORDERS:


Both parties are ordered to use OurChildInfo.com as their exclusive means of communication between them to discuss and document important issues regarding their child(ren). Only one parent needs to sign up to grant access to both. Mother shall sign up within 7 days of this order and, by exchanging email addresses, designate father the co-parent. The parties will continue use OurChildInfo.com until order of this court, or until the last child of the parties turns eighteen.


Mother’s email address for use on the site ______________________________


Father’s email address for use on the site ______________________________


Within 14 days from the entry of this order both parties shall have signed up and supplied basic information to each other through OurChildInfo.com. Communication between the parties shall be through the website except in cases of emergency. Within forty-eight hours of an emergency, or other circumstance that necessitates communication outside of the website, both parties shall memorialize the incident on OurChildInfo.com.

In the event of a disagreement the burden will be on the moving party to show the issue was documented and discussed through OurChildInfo.com. If the discussion is not documented at OurChildInfo.com, the moving party can be barred from making any claim or seeking any relief related to the undocumented issue. At any further hearing in this matter, parties are ordered to bring with them the transcript of their communications through OurChildInfo.com. Transcripts are available to either, at any time, through the website.




SO ORDERED: ________________________________________________

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Download this order for online communication (editable doc format): ORDER for online communication.doc 


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Client Testimonials

Shortly after our divorce, my ex-wife moved, changed doctors, and would not provide a phone number. Our Child Info has been a great tool to help me keep track of all requests. And now, if she wants to avoid communication, that lack of a response is also tracked. This site has been so helpful in enforcing my basic rights to my son.

- S. Downs

My ex and I do not get along and services encouraging "co-parenting" are useless. This site saves all information provided and questions asked. Since my ex cannot delete or backdate responses or requests, this site has become very helpful for me prove that history.

- H. Casey

My case had to be the inspiration for this site. I would go round and round with my ex when it came to things like summer visitation dates, locations, transportation and pickups. This site allowed my ex and I to document the “back and forth” without ever being face-to-face. $7.50 per month is well spent (less than one phone call to my attorney). I highly recommend it!

- C. Jackson

The site saves a record of everything communicated, eliminating he-said, she-said disputes.

- Illinois Bar Journal August 2018

[OurChildInfo] claim[s] further uniqueness in that a parent can’t delete, back date or alter data and can print out a log file with date and time stamped log file.

- Texas Bar Blog March 2019

This website was a potential solution to a daily problem plaguing my clients going through divorce and custody battles!

- Oklahoma College of Law March 2019