PROFESSIONALS is a secure, private, online website for two parents to communicate exclusively about their child. OurChildinfo is the “written notice” from any Parenting Agreement and posts cannot be deleted or backdated. A clear, chronological, permanent message exchange with supporting documents and photos. Each parent can post an update, document, or photo consistent with parenting agreement requirements. It enables parents to follow the terms of a Parenting Agreement and eliminates the "he said/she said."  Civil communication is encouraged as posts are time-stamped and cannot be deleted or backdated.  Either parent can download a log file that contains the complete chronological transcript of all their communications, documents, and photos exchanged.  Download a one page flyer.



Reduce repeat court appearances. Assign parents to communicate and exchange documents exclusively through OurChildInfo and you will have a clear record should they return. It will facilitate all communication, or reveal the lack thereof. It preserves requests, responses, and/or the avoidance of a response. The financial burden of re-hiring an attorney to enforce common communication obligations is often economically impractical. A central online communication service that is the verifiable “Written Notice”.

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Court Clerks

Clerk duties are to manage all aspects of the Court. This does not include listening to a parent's complaints about the other parent. If a parent has ever taken your time to explain what the other parent was supposed to do, should have done, could have paid, did not pay, did not provide, did not timely advise, could have told, did not reciprocate, or what they would have done had they done that thing -- hand that burden back to the parent to offload it to OurChildInfo.  Reduce repeat office visits and save office time.  Email and request free cards to give to parents. 

Parent Cards



Common sense communication regarding education, health, religion, or extracurricular, often devolves into intentional miscommunication between separated parents. Most family law related post-trial contempt petitions are based in miscommunication. The client can prove that information was provided, and is protected from an accusation that information was withheld. Clients will have a resource for proof of all their parenting obligations. Should court become necessary, they will have a clear, complete, chronologically merged, dated, time-stamped history of all communication. Download a one page flyer for reference and distribution to clients.


Mediators, as a private and secure repository of all posts and documents shared between two parents, provides a resource from which to follow any Mediation Agreement.  Parents use it to exchange updates, medical information, grade reports, photographs, sports and work schedules, and anything else necessary.  It will eliminate claims of being uninformed and provide a single location to communicate directly to the other parent. The inability to delete will create civility. Download a one page flyer for reference and distribution to parents.


Medical Providers

Disagreeing parents may play appointment-war by each calling separately to cancel and reschedule appointments. Do patients advise the other parent is to pay the bill? Direct patients with children to to alleviate frustration on behalf of you and your staff.  Parents can maintain, on their own, a record of appointments, checkups, procedures as is required in any Parenting Plan.  With OurChildInfo’s security, they can even upload medical records and reports -- and only the other parent can access them. 


The parent resisting counselling usually thinks the purpose of counselling is to align the child against the other parent. If you have an uncooperative parent that undermines your counsel, recommend the use of  In the same manner that a parent can change phone numbers, email address, or residence address, they can also change their contact point to  Then use it to post notice of counselling appointments and confirm between them the financial arrangements. 


Many parents request two teacher conferences so they can attend separately.  One may express concern over notice of grades, tests, and homework.  Parents, by any Parenting Agreement, are obligated to provide each with access to school notices, records, reports and grades. When a parent requests reports or basic school records from the school, you can direct them to



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Client Testimonials

My case had to be the inspiration for this site. I would go round and round with my ex when it came to things like summer visitation dates, locations, transportation and pickups. This site allowed my ex and I to document the “back and forth” without ever being face-to-face. $7.50 per month is well spent (less than one phone call to my attorney). I highly recommend it!

- W. Jackson

This website shows that I provided my ex contact information and especially extracurricular and sporting event contacts. I don’t have to upload schedules but can just post the organization or coaches contact information and they are then tasked with following up on sporting schedules. I like that I can then show that I am not to blame and have been providing information.

- H. Tupper

Using this site to clarify sports schedules has been very helpful. Practices and games get scheduled and cancelled so often that my son ended up missing many of them. I'd get blamed and trying to piece together text messages was not happening.

- C. Curry

Online program helps divorced parents with communication. OCI eliminates confusion, ignored questions, and unpleasant exchanges between parents.

- Cover Story, Sentinel News, July 2017

The site saves a record of everything communicated, eliminating he-said, she-said disputes.

- Illinois Bar Journal August 2018