OCI will comply with properly issued subpoenas consistent with the Illinois Rules of Civil Procedure or other applicable rules. However, note that there is no additional or private information hidden from either parent, as both have access to all of the information, posts, and uploads provided by the other parent. OCI may reserve the right to determine its legal obligations based on the source, purpose, intent, request, or otherwise pursuant to individual subpoenas. Requesting a subpoena presumes you have read and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. Prepayment fees are required including a retrieval fee of $9.00, certified copy fee of $8, and a per page copy fee of $.12 per page.

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Client Testimonials

My case had to be the inspiration for this site. I would go round and round with my ex when it came to things like summer visitation dates, locations, transportation and pickups. This site allowed my ex and I to document the “back and forth” without ever being face-to-face. $7.50 per month is well spent (less than one phone call to my attorney). I highly recommend it!

- W. Jackson

This website shows that I provided my ex contact information and especially extracurricular and sporting event contacts. I don’t have to upload schedules but can just post the organization or coaches contact information and they are then tasked with following up on sporting schedules. I like that I can then show that I am not to blame and have been providing information.

- H. Tupper

Online program helps divorced parents with communication. OCI eliminates confusion, ignored questions, and unpleasant exchanges between parents.

- Cover Story, Sentinel News, July 2017

The site saves a record of everything communicated, eliminating he-said, she-said disputes.

- Illinois Bar Journal August 2018

[OurChildInfo] claim[s] further uniqueness in that a parent can’t delete, back date or alter data and can print out a log file with date and time stamped log file.

- Texas Bar Blog March 2019

This website was a potential solution to a daily problem plaguing my clients going through divorce and custody battles!

- Oklahoma College of Law March 2019